Meet the LIM tutors

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location: Santiago, Chile
native language: English
what you enjoy most about tutoring: 
Being a tutor allows me to connect with new people from different walks of life and learn from their experiences. I have learned to be patient, ask thoughtful questions, and actively listen.
what you think about the LIM method:
I enjoy the flexibility while maintaining a structured curriculum.
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location: Curitiba, Brazil
native language: English
what you enjoy most about tutoring: 
Teaching English is one of the most creative subjects to teach. The coursework lends itself to fantastic lessons. When I see a light spark in a learner’s eyes as they get motivated to discuss something they have a deep interest in or they get that “Ahhhh ha” moment is when I feel gratified.
what you think about the LIM method:
Each person has a different reason to learn another language. I’ve found that each of my learners with LIM have WANTED to study English and have been passionate and motivated. This helps a lot as a tutor, to be excited to start teaching each day. LIM has always been flexible and supportive. They find the learners, coursework is always there when you need it, holidays and breaks are too. And truly the sky is the limit as to where you can take your lessons.
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location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
native language: German and English
what you enjoy most about tutoring: Being a tutor withLIM is great because of the freedom I have with LIM. They allow us to create lessons ourselves and really do send requested coursework very fast indeed!
what you think about the LIM method: The very personal approach of LIM is fantastic. We really do give lessons that are individually tailored to suit each learner.
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