Exercising Fearlessness

Fearlessness is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the more natural it becomes to not let your fears run you.

Contemplating your next adventure? Here’s a few more reasons why coming out of your comfort zone by embarking on a new experience is good for you.

1) We don’t do it enough

We’re wired to default to familiar patterns and habits. Although trying new things may not feel as comfortable, the benefits are worth it.

2) It’s what we want

Visiting a new place is high up on all of our bucket lists.

3) It brings us closer together

When we engage in a new positive activity with a friend, we experience more amplified enjoyment from the event.

4) New experiences keep us happy

People who partake in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive feelings than people who have fewer experiences. So stop putting off hiking in that natural park, flying to that country you always wanted to visit or learning a new language.

5) New experiences change our perception of time

Feel like time is just “flying by”? When we have new experiences, we interrupt daily monotonous patterns of life. When you only engage in the familiar, your brain works through less information and this leads to the feeling that time is passing quickly.

6) Just planning an adventure makes you happier

A series of studies have found that people planning or anticipating an upcoming trip rate themselves happier than people who don’t have any upcoming travel plans.

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